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Stunning large Clarice Cliff "Original Bizarre" 268 vase approx. 8" (20 cms) in height. Lovely condition. Bizarre Clarice Cliff backstamp.

Price: SOLD

Cute Clarice Cliff "Alton" Chester shape Fern Pot, approx.3.5" (8.5cms) high. Lovely condition. c.1933. Fantasque backstamp.                        

Price: SOLD

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Rare 703 shape Clarice Cliff vase in "Forest Glen" pattern. Smaller 6.4" ( 16.5 cms ) size in height. Cracking landscape piece on a rare shape. Clarice Cliff backstamp.

Price: SOLD

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Lovely Clarice Cliff "Rhodanthe" 572 vase, approximately 4" (10cms ) high. Fabulous condition,strong Delicia runings inside. Clarice Cliff backstamp c.1936.                          

Price: SOLD

Clarice Cliff "Coral Firs" Biarritz shape tea plate 6.5" x 4.5". Super landscape pattern in great condition. c.1933. Bizarre & Biarritz stamps. Two available.

Price: £125

Sweet little Clarice Cliff landscape in the orange version of Taormina. Stands approx. 3" (7 cms ) in height. Super condition, couple of tiny marks. c.1936


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Clarice Cliff "Rhodanthe" 630 vase in great condition.The vase is approx.6.5" ( 16.5cms ) in height. No backstamp c.1934                      

Price: SOLD

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Classic Clarice Cliff "Autumn Crocus" 269 vase. approx. 5.6" (14cms) high. Crocus Bizarre backstamp c.1932. Beautiful condition.


Clarice Cliff "Spring Crocus" Lynton Preserve pot (larger size). Clarice Cliff backstamp c.1936. Lovely condition.


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Clarice Cliff "Feather and Leaves" Heath shape fern pot.This pot is approximately 2.75" (7cms ) high. Fabulous condition. Fantasque backstamp c.1929.                          

Price: SOLD

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Clarice Cliff "Spring Crocus" 230 Preserve pot. Clarice Cliff backstamp c.1936. Great condition.


Clarice Cliff "Orange Roof Cottage" Stamford sugar bowl, 2.5" high. Bizarre backstamp c.1936. Lovely condition.


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