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Clarice Cliff "Windbells" Athens tea cup and saucer Cup 3.75" (9.5 cms) diam.saucer 5.75" diam (14.5 cms)  Excellent condition, v. minor wear.

Price: SOLD

Clarice Cliff "Trees & House" conical milk jug standing 2.5" (6.5 cms) high. Two factory grinds to base, priced accordingly. Lovely piece.                        

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Clarice Cliff "Autumn Crocus" Tankard shape coffee can and saucer. Fine condition. c.1932. Three available.

Price: SOLD

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Clarice Cliff "Pink Pearls" Trieste matching milk jug, 2.75" (7cms) high. Great condition, small glazed paint miss to bottom corner. c.1936.


Clarice Cliff "Pink Pearls" Trieste matching sugar bowl. Lovely condition, 2.75" (7 cms) high. Clarice Cliff backstamp. c.1936                              

Price: SOLD

Clarice Cliff "Nasturtium" Daffodil shape preserve pot. Standing 4.75" (12 cms) high. Lovely piece, nibble under lid, but in fine condition.


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Clarice Cliff "Stroud" Odillon 527 shape covered preserve. 5.25" (13.5 cms) diam. x 2.75" (7 cms) high. Beautifully painted and in excellent condition, clean crazing.

Price: £SOLD


Clarice Cliff "Gayday" Tankard shape coffee can & saucer in good used order, just some signs of use . Handwritten Gayday and usual Bizarre markings.

Price: SOLD


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Clarice Cliff "Pink Pearls" conical coffee cup & saucer. The cup is 2.25" high x 2.9" in diam (6 x 7.5 cms), while the saucer is 5" in diam. (12,5 cms). Lovely inexpensive duo in super condition. Clarice Cliff backstamp to cup (see photo).

Price: SOLD

Clarice Cliff "Pink Pearls" Biarritz shape tea plate 6.5" (16.5 cms) x 5.3" ( 13.5 cms ). Clean crazing.

Two available with Biarritz stamp only.

Price: SOLD

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